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Monday, 30 June 2014

La Belle Miette

 La Belle Miette has long held the special place in my heart as the best Macarons in Melbourne. I adore their delicate pastel colours and their subtle but decadent flavours. By chance I was wandering past the Collins Street store and saw the special Mother’s Day flavours. Who am I to resist?

Their packaging is incredible and due to the fact I am a complete sucker for packaging, I have a large majority of La Belle Miette’s gift boxes to store jewellery, washi tape and other random useless stuff that I passionately spend money on… So of course I was delighted in their simple but effective hint to a traditional jam jar. It’s those little things you know?

The appealing colours of their macarons mean any flavour combination will look beautifully presented – and the lovely staff at La Belle Miette will take the time to order them in the most aesthetically pleasing way!

From left to right:

Raspberry – this is one of the stronger macaron flavours and is quite evidently raspberry. It luckily doesn’t venture too far into the sickly sweet category of some other macaron makers of Melbourne, which is one of the reasons why I prefer La Belle Miette.

Scone with Blackcurrant jam & cream – being a huge fan of scones, this is one of my favourite flavours. I love La Belle Miette’s specialty of putting a jam jelly disc in the middle of the macaron filling, it makes for a nice texture change and a burst of flavour. This macaron has quite a subtle scone flavour, so you need to concentrate quite hard on picking that up over the stronger blackcurrent jam.

Lemon & Vanilla marmalade – The lemon flavour of this macaron was not as sour or strong as I was expecting however the real marmalade in the middle brought the lemon flavour out well.

Orange marmalade – This orange flavour was again, not too strong but still featured the real marmalade in the centre. A difficult choice, but I would name this flavour my least favourite of the six.

Green tea – I was surprised at how much this macaron really tasted like green tea, but there was no hint of any powdery taste or traces of the green tea they used to infuse this morsel.

Violet & Blueberry jam – One of the staple macarons I buy from La Belle Miette. It has everything I love about their range: a subtly floral inspired flavour, a jelly disc centre and as always, the perfectly formed hard shell breaking away to the chewy insides.

I am now hanging out for more themed macarons and gift boxes as each celebrated occasion rolls around. Maybe they will do a Halloween theme?!

TL;DR Best Macarons in Melbourne. Word.

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