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Friday, 27 June 2014


Huxtaburger joined with PayPal to create a magical feat that could inspire nations, heroes, princesses, dragons and Oberyn Martell to fight and fall for the quest of true taste - 50% off everything on the menu for two weeks. Booyah. It's time to get sick of Huxtaburger (is that even possible? I'll tell you in two weeks)

For those with smartphones, you download the PayPal app, join your account (sign up if you don't have one already, the one downside is that it is directly linked to your bank account and you are then unable to remove it - however, PayPal do favour the buyers, so it should be pretty safe?) and search for "Huxtaburger".

Cool deconstruction on Huxtaburger's website
All three locations should come up (though if it's past closing time it won't) and the neatness is all in their pre-ordering system, no queuing, no fuss, just pick up and stuff face. The app is simple to order off the menu, even giving you options to add/remove sauces, toppings and fillings. If you don't know what's what, check the simple, fun Huxtaburger website (you can even click the burgers to deconstruct them; the only way it gets cooler is if it were all in 8bit). Now through my exploration, if you click on "order online" it brings you to the Beat the Q page, which is mirrored on the PayPal app - and lo and behold, the prices are shown already halved. I didn't click through but this may be a sneaky way to circumvent the PayPal-ness if you don't have a smart phone or otherwise.

I put in my order and drove to the place where my meal was a-waiting. I honestly expected more people to be cashing in majorly on this incredible deal, but I am not complaining. I then decided against shovelling food into my mouth in the car whilst steaming up the windows like the Titanic love scene and drove home again. 

The prices below are the already discounted prices.

A slimmer Denise (+ added Bacon)

I decided on The Denise (the hot one, $5.0) which is The Huxtaburger (beef pattie, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles) with jalepeno and sriracha mayo. Then 'cos even the extras were half priced I turned it into this weird tropical Aussie thing by adding Double Cheese (50c), Beetroot (25c), Bacon (50c), Pineapple (25c) and Egg (50c). Now due to this overzealous packing of my burger, when I peeled back the paper, it dissolved in my hands due to the juices soaking through, and the burger looked like a hot mess. But wow it tasted good. Sloppy and dripping everywhere, with the pattie being moisty and juicy. The jalapeno and sriracha kicks your mouth and enhances every bite. Plus, the ingredients used are fresh; the lettuce is crunchy, the egg isn't rubbery and the pineapple still has that sting. The meat has a succulent taste and the brioche bun only adds to the decadence.
Avert your eyes... it's The Hot Mess

I ordered the chipotle chips ($1.25, large 25c extra) which are crinkle cut old school style. The plain ones are a bit too dry and boring for me, whilst the chipotle dusted ones have a nice bite to them. I still think they need aoili, mayo or a dipping sauce to make them even more palatable. In this instance I used Ducking Good's Alioli (more on that in the future) which was epique! However, due to the drive home the chips got a bit soggy and wilted, expect the opposite if you're ordering them fresh from the counter. 

And the Chocolate Milkshake ($4.0) which was definitely more milk than thick (shake) but damn that didn't stop it from being fantastic. Chocolatey and not fake like the chocolate sauce they put into other fake flavour milkshakes, this was the real deal, I could almost taste the chunk. Second best milkshake behind Merchant's Guild, if only 'cos there was no scoop of icecream floating in my cup.

TL;DR There's a reason why Huxtaburger is considered Melbourne's best burger... And now it's half price. What are you even waiting for?!
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