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Monday, 16 June 2014

Jam & Cream

Beautiful whimsical place tucked away in Heidelberg Heights, a friend recommended this scone focused eatery and I jumped at the chance (I do love scones!). The quirky decorations and tempting trinkets that lined the entrance only made Jam & Cream seem all the homlier. It was a very nice touch. As was the pink caravan situated outside!

The menu was plentiful, despite only focusing on high tea type delicacies, and the tea options were as bountiful, so two of us decided to hit the Jam & Cream’s Tea Party which promised “a montage of both sweet and savoury morsels” as well as a pot of tea ($29.50 pp) and the Nanna's tasting platter for two ($28) which gave us ten baby scones and a pot of tea, which was split amongst a table of five.
The cappuccino and iced coffee both looked beautifully presented, though I didn't taste it so cannot comment on the specifics.

So first up was the warm savouries, the home made sausage roll and tomato and cheese quiche. These two were the highlights of the meal, delicious and warms the heart the way only homemade food can. The tomato relish had a nice bite to it and complimented the tasty morsels well.

The pinwheel sandwiches were so pretty and daintily presented, but with very simple condiments such as ham/cream cheese/lettuce and ham/tomato/lettuce and egg/lettuce.

Then our mammoth platter of mouth-watering scones landed. There were meant to be ten varied flavours of scones, with a mix of savoury and sweet, but to be honest I could only identify that stark difference rather than the individual sweet types. I know one was chocolate covered coconut which was delicious, and another was a raisin dotted scone but in the end, with all the jam/cream/honey/marmalade I put on, I couldn’t really tell them apart. They were however, very soft, fluffy and crusty on the outside. The savoury scones were nice, I identified cheese and I put my sweet chilli sauce on them, which was strange but still went down easily. 

I definitely prefer their sweet to savoury but a huge bonus was there were plentiful supplies of jam and cream (and if you asked for more it came with a smile).

By the time our cakes came out I was way too full to enjoy, but they allow for a take away option to enjoy at home! The chocolate cake was lovely and moist; the apple rhubarb crumble was great with the pastry definitely having a buttery homemade feel about it; the passionfruit sponge was baked well with a crusty outer and spongy inner. Loved it!

TL;DR Very cute place to eat some scones outside of the Dandenong Mountains. 
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