1 kit & kafoodle: Little Ramen Bar

Monday, 11 August 2014

Little Ramen Bar

Always on the search for a good hearty ramen in Melbourne, I found out about this tiny shop a few years back, but recently revisited it to double check their standard. There is often a queue forming outside the door but they shuffle you through quite quickly. On this occasion we opted for an outside table and were seated much faster.

The menu has a nice range of very traditional starters like housemade gyoza, edamame and miso soup. They also have a wide range of meat and vegetable ramens and additional ramen toppings like extra noodles or Godzilla size for the very hungry.

I opted for the Miso Special Ramen with a combination of white and red Miso, a little chilli and delicious pork soup with three pieces of marinated BBQ pork, corn, butter and a traditional seasoned egg, plus extra roasted seaweed ($12.5 + $1.0) which was a joy to eat. The thick ramen broth really warmed you up with and the ingredients were perfect. It was quite a traditional Ramen in that there was not a lot of meat, but the delicious broth meant that didn’t matter. The corn was surprisingly sweet, not soggy and lacklustre and the gooey egg is a must. When you eventually found the pork in the large bowl it was tender and the right amount of fatty.

TL;DR A nice little Ramen bar which rivals Kokoro Ramen in my opinion.
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