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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Trunk Diner

On a decidedly gluttonous (glorious) whim, a choice was made to pop into Trunk Diner for a pre-dinner dinner… a cosy greenhouse style building tucked near the top of Little Bourke housing American style food, which welcomed our stomachs with fat (friendly) open arms.

I snapped up the opportunity to order the Gaytime Shake ($8.0), which was initially quite sweet but as you chugged along your tastebuds re-oriented itself and it turned itself into a passable creamy caramel shake. That being said, I don't think I would re-order this drink if I return.

The chilli cheese fries ($9.0) were drowned under copious amounts of melted cheese and great big chunks of meatballs, a la spaghetti meatballs. The chilli could have had a bit more kick to bring the dish through, but the Mexican spicy sauce thoughtfully provided by Trunk solved that issue quite easily. The fries seemed almost overwhelmed by the toppings, but I can’t quite see the problem in that.

The guacamole & salsa fresca with corn chips ($8.0) were fresh and crunchy. The tomato vinegar relish was great combined with the traditional sour cream. The guacamole however, was the best part – tasty, with lemon zest and chunky enough to know you were eating avocado.

The “Breaking Bad” ($12.0) bacon wrapped hotdog, mustard, ketchup, fresh tomato salsa & jalapenos hot dog was probably my favourite part of my snack-meal; thick sausage, great jalapeño, onion and tomatoes cubed up and adding a lighter flavour to the dish. The bread was delicious and sweet but was nowhere near a brioche bun.

TL;DR A good late night snack place, though once it’s crossed off your list there’s no real reason to return.
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