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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Carlisle Wine Bar

This unassuming small-fronted restaurant on Carlisle Street has the mood lighting turned up, without feeling too sleazy and dark. Furnished almost entirely in wood, it definitely resembled a British pub where you could drink your life away. Luckily they served food.

Their Bloody Mary ($15) was not too bad, a thinner version with not as much spice as I’m used to.

Free bread is always great, dense and soft, as was the butter.

On first taste the Vialone Nano Risotto, white wine & saffron braised pork, peas & tomato & basil salsa ($28)  wasn’t as nice as I had expected, though when you continued to eat it the subtle flavours were brought out and it was quite an enjoyable dish. The risotto was perfectly done, not too sticky or gluggy but not too tough and crunchy either. The pork was mixed in well and not in thick cuts which made the dish easier to eat. Throughout the dish there was a slight almond flavour which gave an almost sweet aftertaste.

The Roast duck breast, Du Puy lentils, roast cherry tomatoes & grilled fig ($29.5) was perfectly cooked, not bleeding but medium rare juicy and tender. The lentils had a very neutral taste but a good filler option compared to rice or spaghetti. The tomatoes were fresh and plump, bringing colour to plate.

TL;DR A nice discovery on Carlisle Street.

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