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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Beatbox Kitchen

Fond memories surround my first encounter with Food Trucks, the anticipation during the drive out to whatever northern street housed the van and the satisfaction of seeing the decorated van at the end of your journey. 

Beatbox will always hold a special place in my heart due to this reason, but their burgers hold a special place in my stomach too. During this particular trip out to Blyth x Lygon we arrived just as Beatbox was opening, first ftw.

The fries were still amazing, thin shoestring fried to perfection with the Stereo Sauce (a ‘special’ aioli) though this time the sauce felt burnt or like too much salt was added – not as tasty as I had hoped.

The burger itself looked incredible; fat patty and fresh lettuce, tomato and onion makes for a sexy beast. However on first bite, the burger was quite dry; the taste was good, meaty juicy beef and a semi-sweet bun, but I think due to our burger being first off the rank, it hadn’t had time to soak up the greasy goodness of the frier. There also wasn’t enough Stereo Sauce added, which was remedied when we got home, and this improved the burger tenfold.

A Beatbox burger from better times...

I must say, I was quite disappointed, my memories of Beatbox stand steadfast in my mind as deserving of the number one spot, but the time may have come to start searching for my new go-to.

TL;DR Give this burger a go, hopefully this was a one off lapse of concentration by Beatbox.

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