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Monday, 5 May 2014

Touché Hombre

I have been to Touché Hombre many times; sometimes to have a quick snack of tacos, sometimes to eat their platter of ice-cream sandwiches and other times to just nom in general. It’s one of the better Mexican eateries I find, coming third behind Fonda and Guzman Y Gomez.

I started off with a Blood Orange Madagascar (Freshly pressed blood orange juice mixed with Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao and Cazadores Reposado served on ice with vanilla scented straws $16). This was given to me after I (notoriously) asked the bar-staff for their “sweetest cocktail, most resembling juice” and this suited me just fine (pretty sure he added extra sugar). Great taste, nice and sweet and not bitter or too-boozy.

Next up was the Elotes Callejeros (Chargrilled corn, chipotle mayo, pecorino, tajin $6) which was a massive corn cobb with all the expected Mexican relishes on top. Quite delicious indeed! But I'm a fan of corn.

Our main came next, the Pollo Asado (Salsa macha rubbed roasted chicken, roast garlic & lime mayo, corn salsa $30). This was deliciously tender chicken with A LOT of spice, and the mayo really rounded it off nicely. The price feels steep, but you get a whole ‘lotta chicken, so don’t worry about that.

It started getting a bit too meaty (and I do love my carbs) so we ordered the side of roast potatoes, tajin and paprika salt ($7) which we couldn’t finish. These potatoes were cooked well, but there was way too much salt, they seemed to have been rolled in it not just sprinkled lightly.

The tacos finished off our savories; Taco de Pescado (Beer battered fish, tartare sauce, white cabbage, pico de gallo $6.50) which was alright, but the fish barely had any meat on it, and the Taco de Camerón (Tiger prawn, toasted popcorn, tajin mayo, cilantro $7) which was nice due to the prawns being nice and fat and tasty, but the popcorn, although visually cute, didn’t add much to the flavour or texture of the taco.

The desserts were up next and to be honest, the whole reason as to why I chose Touché Hombre to dine. The Coconut Horchata rice pudding with blackberries, mango and almond crumble was amazing. I am a huge fan of Horchata and this dish was subtle but oh-so-good.

The Galleta de chocolate (Chocolate cookie, roasted peanut parfait $7) has always been good, with the cookie so deliciously crunchy/chewy and moreish, and the parfait really being packed with peanut punch.

The Crema de Chocolate was definitely the heaviest dessert (Chocolate & ancho chilli brulee, salted caramel icecream $8) but very decadent. I didn’t pick up much on the brûlée aspect, as to me a great brûlée has that just-burnt caramel top that you can break with a spoon a-la-Amélie, but the flavours were great (more ice-cream would never disappoint).

TL;DR I’d return, mostly for the desserts!

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    1. Hi Jim!
      Thanks for your feedback. We have invested in better photographing devices and are glad to say we hope these will make our photos better! Please feel free to come back and check out our post on The Flour Market on 15/05/14. If you have any more feedback we would love to hear how we can improve our blog!

  2. How do you feel about mamasita?! I've only been to Touche Hombre once, and left before my belly was full to go eat somewhere else because I was squished umcomfortably into a too small space and they were playing hipster music so loud I had to shout to talk to the person sitting next to me. I feel like I'd go back for the rice pudding though, it looks amazeballs! Maybe at a quieter time, lunch perhaps?

    1. Hiii!
      I feel Mamasita was very overrated when we went, but that was over two years ago. I still like Fonda the best; and agree on your comments about Touche Hombre. I should've probably put that into my post. HAH.