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Monday, 12 May 2014

Ping's Dumpling Kitchen

Set in the suburbia, Ping’s is a uni-student favourite being cheap, easily taken away and consistently consistent. Ping’s is your typical fast Asian dumpling go-to place, with nothing exceptional about the food but they do deliver great dumplings for an even better price.

I decided to go for the Braised Belly Pork in Noodle Soup ($8.80) which was quite nice. The braised pork belly had a lot of fat left on it which gave it a lot of flavour, though the skin was rubbery so I left that. The noodles were plentiful and the watercress garnish ticked off the vegetable component of dinner. The soup was tasty but definitely filled with you-know-what, as my mouth was dry despite the three cups of tea I drank afterwards.

I love me some Boiled Peking Pork Dumpling (15pcs, $8.30) and Ping’s are great. Not too thick skinned and filled with some soup (if it hasn’t spilled onto your plate already). The meat filling is piping hot and very tasty, especially when eaten with vinegar and chilli paste.

TL;DR Consistently satisfying dumpling joint.

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