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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Mr Beebes

Mr Beebes is a beautiful converted house front in Bendigizzle which serves up quality dishes done well. High ceilings and open plan dining at wooden tables gives off a relaxed bar-vibe despite the impressive menu selection. The staff are friendly and graciously accept our Asian requests to take group photos. 

I appeal to my inner alcoholic and order the Beebe's Bloody Mary ($17.0) which was quite spicy but on the sweet side. A decent drink nonetheless.

Lamb shank and nettle croquette ($3.0) were not bad, though the lamb was not as tender as I hoped and cut quite large, and the croquette had quite a thick batter. I prefer my croquettes Japanese style, soft and fluffy in the inside.

These Potato skins with beef tartare and truffle aioli ($4.5) were a pretty epic dish, they were bite sized morsels that packed a lot of flavour; combining the fried potato with the strong raw flavour of beef and mixing with the salty eathiness of the aioli. Genius. I'd definitely get these ones again.

Being a massive fan of the smooth parfait, I jumped at the change to try Beebe's Duck liver Parfait, pedro ximenez jelly and brioche ($12.0). There were no regrets to be had that day. The flavour was quite light however, I much prefer a heavier deeper taste to duck liver.

The token vegetarian dish was in the form of Braised wild mushrooms, tofu, smokey eggplant puree, truffle oil and tarragon ($15.0), which was delicious. The silken tofu combined with the expert flavours of shiitake, enoki and chanterelle mushrooms, it was a delicious foray into a herbivore's dream.

Slow braised lamb ribs, smoked paprika, pickles and parsley ($12.0) were a good entree style dish, marinated really well and full of flavour, the lamb was tender and succulent.

Hand cut russet chips and aoili ($6.0) delicious and simple. Great crispy exterior with just enough salt to lift the flavour of potato.

A visually stunning dish was put before me as my main, Pan-seared barramundi with fennel salad, smoked barramundi croquette, pea puree, radish, lemon dressing and dill ($30.0). It was a beautiful lightly seared piece of fish, ensuring it wasn't overdone and chewy. It felt healthy but tasty, and the barramundi croquette appealed more to me compared to the lamb shank croquette. A well constructed dish in all it's parts.

The tender Roasted lamb loin, pan friend gnocchi, eggplant pickle, roast tomato and basil jus ($30.0) was simple but delicious, I don't think it was anything too spectacular, but a good safe choice of main.

The Roast pumpkin and gruyere tortelini with asparagus, leek dressing and hazelnuts ($25.0) was very interesting. Another vegetarian dish which completely appeals to the meat-eaters in the room. The al dente tortelini was stuffed full of cheesy pumpkin goodness, and dressed in a similarly tasty sauce of asparagus and leek. 

We were so full we couldn't even manage dessert. That was probably the worst part of the night.

TL;DR A large variety of great tasting dishes to try, don't miss this when in Bendigo next.

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