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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Colonel Tan's

Ah my beloved teenage years spouting angst and staring starry-eyed onto the mini-stage at Revolver. Those steep-ass steps which got you nice and sweaty before the main act is even near coming on. Hipster dancing to the Inches. Good times. I hadn't stepped back into my past for a good eight years, until I was introduced to Colonel Tan's. Passing by the empty venue area getting prepped for a gig was nostalgic, as were the toilets with the primary school style water fountain taps. 

Their cocktail menu is tempting as. I wanted to try all of them, but restraint, dear friends, restraint. I opted for the Colonel Royale - Lychee puree dances with Cassis in a magnified glass of sparkling. I fell in love with Cassis in Japan, apparently the Cassis Orange is one of the most popular cocktails there. It was perfectly sweet and delicious.

The mix of food is largely Thai inspired, and done really well. The menu is somewhat tedious to read, with dishes that state the main dish and all the ingredients surrounding it, and losing the capacity to piece it all together in your head before you reach the price... but it all sounds delicious nonetheless. 

We start with the Pork & Prawn Donuts, Chilli Jam ($12.5) - cos duh. donuts. As expected, these were delicious. Juicy, deep fried deliciousness and with a nice jam to kick start it. 

Fat Duck Noodles ($17.5) is very much similar to Chin Chin's Pad Sieuw, with less dark sauce. This dish had generous slices of duck breast, mixed in with nicely fried Hor Fun noodles (flat thick white rice noodles) and of course a smattering of greens to make you feel less guilty. I would definitely re-order this dish.

The Penang Lamb Curry, Rice, Eggplant & Young Ginger Relish ($17.5) was eventually the curry we settled on (the Green was similarly tempting), and it was a good choice. The lamb was tender and fell apart, whilst the red curry was full of flavour. The eggplant ginger relish was quite an interesting cream/sour? addition, and I may or may not have finished off the whole thing.

TL;DR I will return till I smash out everything on that menu!

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