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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sugarhit K-Pop

The final in a series of three special collabs between Lux Bite x N2 Gelato x Mork Hot Chocolate, K-Pop celebrated the flavours of Korea, in the best form of all – dessert!

The warehouse style space was set out to facilitate walk-through queues so the crowd would (ideally) sample every stall holder’s wares.

#nextlevel CHOCO.PIE ($9.0)
The choco tart with whipped green tea ganache, dark choco coated yuzu marshmallow & caramelised rice puff was as beautiful as it sounded. It featured a rich chocolate base with green tea and white marshmallow covering the whole base. Kind of like a one-sided wagon wheel. It was decadent and delicious.

TUBE ($9.0)
This tube was so much better than the tart. It not only looked stunning, with its strawberry compote, Korean gold leaf plum wine jelly, black sesame milk, whipped cream, mocha and raspberry meringue, but it tasted unique on all the levels. The plum wine jelly at the bottom was light and refreshing, the meringue disc and raspberry compote tasted great and the addition of sago was ingenious. The only thing I didn’t enjoy as the line of sesame milk.


Melon gelato with honeydew, rambutan & coconut jelly, finished with crystallised coconut shards & a yuzu sake pipette – not sure why I bought this as I’m not a huge fan of melon flavoured items, and while this didn’t taste as synthetic as other melon ice-creams, I still wouldn’t buy it again if I had the chance. The pipette was a cute idea though.

#LUXBITExN2 ($10.0) Inspired by Hotteok the Korean sweet pancake
Toasted waffle, brown sugar & cinnamon sauce, hazlenuts, roasted rice tea gelato & tea honey by N2, red bean, peanut butter snow. All waffles have the potential to be great in my books. Though I doubt LuxBite made their waffle, it was quite nice, even though it was slightly soft. The ice-cream was perfectly subtle, and the tea honey added a nice lift. There were hints of savoury from the red bean and hazelnut which was an interesting contrast but wasn’t particularly spectacular.

TL;DR Sugarhit have stepped it up each time, going to show that practice does indeed make perfect. 

Mork Chocolate on Urbanspoon LuxBite on Urbanspoon N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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