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Monday, 30 March 2015

Beatrix - rolling update

Beatrix is one of the few places I am willing to consistently travel out of my way for, even if it is just for a quick take away (the other being Messina Gelato). I have been a long standing fan of Nat’s delicious inventions snuggled in a fresh ciabatta roll, simply because they eat like a meal not just a simple baguette or sandwich. Also, her cakes are to DIE FOR. The biggest range is delivered with a smile on Saturday but each day’s delights are updated on facebook around 10am.
I’d suggest trying:
  • the Coconut Shagg cake
  • the Elvis cupcake
  • the Vitty (sponge, marscapone, strawberries and marsala)
  • Fig and ricotta tartlets in pinenut pastry / Ricotta and strawberry tartlets
  • Peanut Butter caramel Banoffee Pie
  • Pecan Maple and Bourbon Pie
  • Dr Hogg apple pie with super rich vanilla custard
  • Quince and brown butter tart
  • Rhubarb custard crumble tart
  • Flourless chocolate roulade with ricotta cream and strawberries

[I’ll post photos as I get them, lately I’ve just been stuffing face too quickly]

The raspberry and strawberry meringue roulade is one of my favourite cakes at Beatrix, unfortunately it only comes round during Summer. A light, addictive cake which hits all the right spots.

The Quince and vanilla Crème 
brûlée tart is a fantastic take on the traditional egg-y dessert. Made with organic eggs and vanilla bean, the crème custard is heavy but delicious. The only thing I would change is having a thicker caramelised top, to shatter and crunch through whilst enjoying the subtle quince taste.

The tiramisu tart in cocoa cookie crust is a perfect balance of marscapone and coffee soaked cake layers. Some tiramisu I have tasted in the past either have too much moisture, sweetness or the coffee overpowers the dish, none of which occur here.

Nat's Tarte Tatin is always a hearty affair, thick with apples and pastry perfectly baked with caramelisation around the tops and edges; baked fresh and served warm with chantilly cream it is one of the best Tarte Tatin's I have tasted but due to its irregular baking schedule I am constantly wanting more. 

The Saffron poached doyenne pear and chocolate frangipane tart is an interesting combination of a crumbly chocolate base with sweet poached pears. It is quite fragrant and not as heavy as other chocolate cakes.

The salted caramel chocolate slice is decadence in a slice. Each layer is a perfect size, the caramel is smooth and luscious, the chocolate is dark but not too bitter and the base is crumbly like shortcake. Quite a regular on most days so you won't have to worry about missing this one.

The Yotam Ottolambie; spiced and slow roasted Plains Paddock lamb, smoky eggplant/tomato/cucumber salad, herbs and toasted almonds. Yes, it really does taste as good as it sounds. Nat was inspired by chef Yotam Ottolenghi in this delicious concoction, and all I can say is how excited I would be if I were to be invited to Nat’s for a dinner party – she would represent. This ciabatta was so tasty, the lamb was juicy and tender, the salad rolled together with all the tastes of roast veggies at its best. The almonds gave a nice little crunch to each bite, adding texture to a dish that is so full of depth you wouldn’t believe it is presented in a roll rather than on a dinner plate in front of a fireplace in winter.

The Tuco; really slow cooked warialda belted galloway beef brisket, charred chilli salsa, corn, crema, radish and coriander slaw and crispy tortilla bits was like a Mexican fiesta in my mouth. I started off just tasting the corn and even that was so full of flavour, charred and popping sweet. Nat has considered every layer of this concoction. The beef has a delicious spicy kick to it and is so perfectly tender  The salad furthers this dish into the realm of meal once again, with the tortilla chips finishing off the ciabatta.

The Laika: Harris Smokehouse hot smoked salmon, fresh beetroot and dill slaw and Lightwood Organic's desiree potato salad; is probably one of my favourite ciabattas from Beatrix. The combination of salmon and potato can't be beat, except perhaps with the Lady Trout which is much like a Nicoise Salad in a ciabatta. The chunks of salmon are huge and satisfying and there is a perfect amount of potato salad mayo. So much win.
Other ciabattas you should try:
  • The Babe: slow roasted pork shoulder, dill and pink lady apple slaw and crackling
  • Lady Trout: harris smokehouse hot smoked ocean trout with kipfler potato, green beans, egg, roasted tomato and parsley with black olive aoili. 
  • The Chairman: pork belly in our char sieu style sauce, iceberg, sesame mayonnaise, snow pea sprouts, mint and Szechuan pepper salt
  • La Boef: cold roast beef, kipfler potato salad, beans, roasted tomato, roquette and tarragon mayonnaise.
  • Senor Spud: (meat free) caramelised onion, potato and egg tortilla with roasted red peppers and green olive aioli
  • The Furio: rare roasted Warialda Belted Galloway beef rump cap with tonnato mayonnaise (tuna and caper), radicchio slaw and crispy parmesan wafers
TL;DR Love me some Beatrix, the beginnings of my food adventures.

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