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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Miss Ladybird Cupcakes

After sampling this wicked cool lady’s cakes at Merchant’s Guild, I hurried (note: took months) to her tiny storefront in the ‘burbs ready to eat my fill of freakin’ awesome cake. Unfortunately I arrived pretty late in the day, an hour or so before closing, and thus missed out on the Red Velvet Cupcake. LE SAD FACE. 

But they did still have a nice little selection of cakes, so I bought most of them.

I had read about Gina Tubb’s quirky, unique design of both shop and cakes in Broadsheet but actually stepping into the shop was way cooler than viewing it online. I’d recommend you all drive down and settle in to the atmosphere that feels like a strangely comforting mix between Alice’s Wonderland and a punk rawk record store. The atmosphere and the baked goods make you feel at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The Spiced Chai and Poached Pear cupcake ($5.0) was fantastic – beautiful presentation and tasted a treat. The texture of this cupcake was more of a friand-type cake, but the best part about it was that it had a massive poached pear right through the middle. The only change I would make to this piece would be to add more icing on top!

My favourite was the banana cake ($4.5) was incredible and moist, making it way too easy to eat in a few bites. The rose decoration was surprisingly fragrant, but you’ll be happy to read that I resisted eating it. The banana mixed through the light cake was quite subtle, which was a nice choice over a heavier butter base with chunky banana slices that I’ve tried elsewhere. The icing was a fluffy swisse meringue vanilla buttercream which went well with the cake.

The Snickers cupcake ($5.0) was great, also moist but made with a heavier chocolate cake with beautiful caramelised peanut topping over a smooth whipped buttercream icing.

TL;DR Just typing this out makes me want to rush back and try all the other cakes she creates through the week.
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