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Monday, 24 February 2014

Big Lou's Donuts

I remember when the first Melbourne Krispy Kreme store opened in 2006; it was met with dedicated KK donut runs with tedious queues, all just to sink your teeth into that glazed shell covered donut. It  promised the feeling of America and made you feel "like a man with blue eyes, kissing a girl with a big ass." Yeah, I got me a glazed dozen. Despite the initial enthusiasm, most of the Victorian chains went into voluntary administration in 2010 and only four stores are left today. This is where Big Lou's Donuts come in, filling the somewhat American-style-donut niche market on Brunswick Street.

To be frank, these donuts reminded me a lot of Krispy Kreme's in terms of the texture of the dough. I bought a Bear Claw, Salted Caramel donut and a hot jam donut which cost me $10 in total.

The hot jam donut had a nice crisp exterior, the dough was full of carb-satisfaction and the jam was sweet enough with just enough to complement the dough without going overboard and bursting out of the donut when you bit in. That being said, I personally am not a huge fan of the American donut taste - it feels a bit thin, oily and fried (which normally is a great thing) as compared to, let’s say, Australian donuts which are fluffy, more dough-y and generally more like sweet bread.

Big Lou does his donuts well; they are large in size and are suitably priced. There is a big flavour selection as well, ranging from Boston Cream Buns to Apple Pie, but some flavours were vaguely reminiscent of donut displays you see at New Zealand Natural. I did polish off my hot jam donut but was left feeling it just wasn't worth the calories.

TL;DR get in there if you like(d) Krispy Kreme.

"Blue jeans on fire... Chevrolet Elvis... Blue jeans on fire... New York, let's go!"

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